Please read the rules carefully.
We will try to answer most frequently asked questions below.
When you use the service, you agree to accept our Rules and Policies.


  1. New users MUST add 10 $ deposit money into the shop before you can search or buy cards.
  2. If you have made an order, it means you know the time limit for requesting a refund.
  3. We accept both BTC and LTC. When you deposit, your balance will get added automatically after 1 confirmation (blockchain).
  4. No clone accounts. One is enough.
  5. Do not flood tickets with the same issue.
  6. If you have any issues with the card orders, include the order ID when writing a ticket.
  7. For fresh bases, you may ask for refund within 12 hours after purchase.
  8. For bases on sale, you are given 30 minutes check time.
  9. There are no refunds for mixpacks. They come in cheap already.
  10. Please understand our refund policy:
    • If your refund rate is over 50%, your refund requests will automatically be limited by our system.
    • And if your refund rate hits 70%, you will NOT get any refunds until your refund rate decreases.
    •  For fresh bases, we do *NOT* refund 01 and 51 Auth Response codes.
    •  For USA Dumps, we will refund 05 Auth Response codes from *ALL* our bases.
    •  For CVV bases, however, we do *NOT* refund 05 auth codes in any of the bases.
    •  If our checker has marked the card as valid, we cannot refund it.
    •  If you request for refund outside the time given, we cannot refund it.
    •  If your refund rate is high (above 40%), we will help you less with refund tickets.
    •  Clients with good behavior will get assistance a lot faster in tickets.